Our award-winning Animation course has been producing trail-blazing graduates for almost 50 years. Students are given the creative freedom to discover and develop their own personal style, experimenting with all kinds of mediums including CGI, traditional drawing, oil on glass, sand animation and pixilation.

Testament to the success of our animation course came this year with a huge number of former graduates and some current students gaining nominations at the British Animation Awards, with graduate Meg Earls winning for her story Border/Line.

This year’s Graduation Show features some real gems, so be sure to check them all out!

Phoebe Morrison | Animation, Coding & Games 4

Phoebe Morrison

BA (Hons) Animation

Pia Kuivila | Animation, Coding & Games 5

Pia Kuivila

BA (Hons) Animation

Ross Stringer | Animation, Coding & Games

Ross Stringer

BA (Hons) Animation

Samuel Thompson | Animation, Coding & Games

Samuel Thompson

BA (Hons) Animation

Vicky Carr | Animation, Coding & Games 6

Vicky Carr

BA (Hons) Animation

Will Westgate | Animation, Coding & Games

Will Westgate

BA (Hons) Animation