Our Interior Architecture and Design course aims to give students a real-time industry experience, and this year’s graduates have enjoyed a wealth of opportunity to help set them up for a successful career.

This course is unique in that it focuses on interior design but with craft also in mind – and utilises its setting in Farnham with all its traditional and technological facilities to achieve that.

Students have been busy learning the course’s three main tenets – principles, processes and practice – and then questioning them as they work on projects from conception through to realisation. And thanks to the course’s industry links they’ve also enjoyed insight and experience with industry experts.

Each year our final year Interior Architecture and Design students focus on a study theme for ‘Final Major Project’ and ‘Dissertation’, you will see from this exhibition that this has generated a wide range of projects that share common ground and connections but have diverse forms of occupancy, use and final design outcomes. This year’s study theme is ‘Community’.

There are a diversity of communities from volunteer organisations to sport and hobby clubs in the UK today, people united by shared interests and passions. Do the clothes we wear, the groups we join, the careers we choose, or the hobbies we enthusiastically pursue, express our personality? Or is the converse true – does our participation in such things shape and define us? Our identities are revealed in part by how we spend our leisure time – the sports we watch, the players or teams we support, the way we celebrate victories or commiserate defeat. The way we play, celebrate and enjoy our leisure time can reveal a lot about who we are.

The location for Major Project briefs this year are in the “Crafts Study Centre’ located on the Farnham Campus. You will see that proposals developed have been crafted to fit this specific site and would not function in any other location.

This year the fascinating topic of community has been at heart of our design conversations and has stimulated interior proposals and narratives that have explored who we are, how we got here and where we are going next.

Mark Gower | Architecture & Interior Design 6

Rhys Cannon

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Farnham

Shannon Roberts | Architecture & Interior Design 6

Shannon Roberts

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Farnham

Toni Hougham | Architecture & Interior Design 6

Toni Hougham

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Farnham

Tuong Le | Architecture & Interior Design 6

Tuong Le

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Farnham

Venetia McFarlane | Architecture & Interior Design 6

Venetia McFarlane

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Farnham

Vickie Chen | Architecture & Interior Design 6

Vickie Chen

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Farnham

Wiktoria Mich | Architecture & Interior Design 6

Wiktoria Mich

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Farnham

Yuanxiang Zhou | Architecture & Interior Design 6

Yuanxiang Zhou

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Farnham