We’ve spent three years studying, listening, observing and thinking. We look at the same thing as everyone else, but what we see is different.

Our talent is unearthing new problems and creating unique ways of solving them, and we are dedicated to producing inspirational messages that spark imagination and provoke thought.

We are the Advertising class of 2020 and this is what we do.

Joshua Parkinson | Business 6

Joshua Parkinson

BA (Hons) Advertising

Katie James | Business 5

Katie James

BA (Hons) Advertising

Niya Vacheva | Business 6

Niya Vacheva

BA (Hons) Advertising

Phoebe Brannan | Business 6

Phoebe Brannan

BA (Hons) Advertising

Tom Whyatt | Business 5

Tom Whyatt

BA (Hons) Advertising

William Norton | Business 7

William Norton

BA (Hons) Advertising