Individual creative expression, incredible skill and innovation are all the aims of our Contemporary Jewellery course.

Our course encourages students to investigate relationships between jewellery and applied arts, design, fashion and fine art practice, develop and realise their own ideas and designs, and take part in live industry projects.

This year’s graduates have embraced new techniques and a range of materials as they have experimented with their practice, and the results, as you’ll see, are incredible.

Katie Stuart | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design 6

Katie Stuart

BA (Hons) Contemporary Jewellery

Michelle Chung | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design 11

Michelle Chung

BA (Hons) Contemporary Jewellery

Yufei Shen | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design 4

Yufei Shen

BA (Hons) Contemporary Jewellery

Yume Tanaka | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design

Yume Tanaka

BA (Hons) Contemporary Jewellery