Graduates from our Product Design course have been challenged to think and work just as they would in industry, creating products from concept to realisation.

Our course encourages students to respond to wide range of different scenarios and cultural contexts, coming up with designs for products with a one-off need to mass demand. They’ve developed a deep understanding of industry approaches, and have been building a professional portfolio since the start to chart their progress.

Each year our final year Product Design students focus on a study theme for their final project, you will see from this exhibition that this has generated a wide range of projects that share common ground and connections but have diverse forms of use and final design outcomes. This year’s study theme is ‘Sustainable Travel’.

In December 2019, students visited the offices of leading design agency PriestmanGoode and received an industry brief from their Design Director that ask them to consider the area of sustainable travel. Travel is becoming more and more problematic for the environment. It doesn’t matter if it by road, rail, car and the user/passenger are becoming more and more conscious of what they buy and what impact it has on every part of the journey they take. Students focused on an area of public travel from Air, Rail, Tube or Road, and designed a system or a product that enhanced the user journey and improved the sustainability of that journey.

This year the fascinating topic of sustainable travel has been at heart of our design conversations and has stimulated proposals and narratives that have explored who we are, where we are going and how we should travel there.

Jack Rawlinson | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design 1

Jack Rawlinson

BA (Hons) Product Design

lucy gower | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design 10

Lucy Gower

BA (Hons) Product Design

Matthew Mackender | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design

Matthew Mackender

BA (Hons) Product Design

Mauricio Rocktaeschel | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design 5

Mauricio Rocktaeschel

BA (Hons) Product Design

Noah O'Sullivan | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design 2

Noah O'Sullivan

BA (Hons) Product Design

Rebecca Dance | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design 8

Rebecca Dance

BA (Hons) Product Design

Regan Wren | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design 2

Regan Wren

BA (Hons) Product Design

Ryan Bartlett | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design 4

Ryan Bartlett

BA (Hons) Product Design

Selva Joel | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design 4

Selva Joel

BA (Hons) Product Design

Zheng Zhang | Crafts, Jewellery & 3D Design 5

Zheng Zhang

BA (Hons) Product Design