Welcome! My name is Mark O’ Connor, I am the Programme Director for the Fashion Communications cluster at Epsom. I first became interested in magazine journalism when I was just 8 years old, when I bought the first launch copy of the ‘Face’ the magazine, the magazine that changed culture forever.  I knew from that point that I my vocation would be written for me. After 25 years working for some of the biggest news, magazines and fashion brands, I bring my expertise in print and digital publishing and promotion and media to the creative cluster.

Our Fashion Journalism course has a unique philosophy, revolving around the idea of voice – training and finding it, developing and widening it, and expressing and promoting it.

Students have learned to communicate the latest fashion news using their voice in a number of different ways – from traditional print methods to broadcast journalism, digital marketing, podcasts and vlogging.

Their final projects, seen here, incorporate all they’ve learned in the last three years. They’ve created independent print publications together with an online/digital version, and a professional portfolio.

Alexandria Gerrard | Fashion & Textiles 4

Alexandria Gerrard

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

Allison Strang | Fashion & Textiles

Allison Strang

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

Colleen Considine | Fashion & Textiles 5

Colleen Considine

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

Elizabeth Butler | Fashion & Textiles 6

Elizabeth Butler

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

Ella Chisholm | Media & Journalism 6

Ella Chisholm

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

Ewa Krzeszewska | Fashion & Textiles

Ewa Krzeszewska

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

Jodi Clarke | Fashion & Textiles 2

Jodi Clarke

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

Lara Brent | Fashion & Textiles

Lara Brent

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

Olivia Kellerman | Fashion & Textiles

Olivia Kellerman

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

Pippa Simmonds | Fashion & Textiles 5

Pippa Simmonds

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

Sara Liberati | Media & Journalism 1

Sara Liberati

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

Shanay Taylor | Fashion & Textiles 5

Shanay Taylor

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism