Fashion Photography teaches students to be creative and experimental photographic artists with fashion as the vehicle.

Producing original, highly creative work, our students have learned about rawness and realness as well as the boundaries of artifice and exaggeration.

Their final projects are significant pieces of work, drawing on the skills and knowledge they’ve gained across the course using both digital and analogue technology to showcase their talents and professional development.

This year we’ve seen students using Fashion Photography to investigate a range of subjects including, the environment, slow & fast fashion, gender, archive, love, communication, the human body, religion, ethnicity, family and ideas of home. The start of the year saw students responding professionally to external clients in the ‘Exposure’ unit. This fast-paced unit has created some of the strongest work we have seen, and several students went on to undertake paid work for clients in both photography and fashion video.

February saw some of our final year students travel to New York along with students from the rest of our courses. They had an amazing time, and made some breath-taking work whilst in the city.

In their ‘Major Project’ students produced some incredible visuals before the global pandemic forced us to change how we work. Since then, we are proud to say that our students have continued to be incredibly creative, despite the restrictions. Their ability to adapt under an unprecedented situation, stay positive and upbeat will make them invaluable in the industry into which they move.

Matthew Andrew, Programme Director

Anna Nygard | Photography 5

Anna Nygard

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Arnau Ripoll Gregori | Photography

Arnau Ripoll Gregori

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Carmen Atkinson | Photography 4

Carmen Atkinson

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Cristina Salvi | Photography 4

Cristina Salvi

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Finlay Moore | Photography 5

Finlay Moore

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Hannah Brown | Photography 3

Hannah Brown

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Katie Born | Photography 5

Katie Born

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Lacie Stanford-Moncrieffe | Photography 4

Lacie Stanford-Moncrieffe

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Maisy Prynn | Photography

Maisy Prynn

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Miguel Angel Cepero Risco | Photography 5

Miguel Angel Cepero Risco

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Paige Galley | Photography 5

Paige Galley

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Sharna Labonte-Small | Photography 1

Sharna Labonte-Small

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography