Aaisha Memon

MA Graphic Design


For my final major project I have collaborated with a dear friend Francesca Armstrong, as part of our MA in Graphic Design Studies. 

Our major project is about home, belongingness and attachment. Home is a topic that many of us don’t talk about with each other so here, with our project, we are forming a space where these conversations can be created. This topic sparked our interest because people perceive the word home and the emotions associated with it in many different ways. Home can be a place, a person, a memory, a moment; the meaning behind it is different for all of us and this is something that we want to talk about.

Through this project, we want to start discussions about what home really means to both children and adults. We have created conversation starter kits to take into schools and an exhibition platform open to families, so they can share their stories about home. 
Our project is built up of stories about home that we have collected from friends, family, refugees and others who have become interested in the topic. The design intent is to bring people together through sharing our stories and listening to others with mutual respect and understanding.
We have had a successful exhibition display on 21st August 2021 at a gallery in London; here we saw people engage with each other about the topic and contribute to drawing and writing their own thoughts on a banner we provided.
To find out more about this project follow us on whatishome_ on Instagram

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Aaisha Memon | Graphic Design 11
'What is Home' - exhibition, London
Aaisha Memon | Graphic Design 10
'Stories of Home' - Home workshop kit
Aaisha Memon | Graphic Design 9
Visual mock up - Exhibition space
Aaisha Memon | Graphic Design 8
'Stories of Home by refugees' - Exhibition, London
Aaisha Memon | Graphic Design 7
'What is home' - Exhibition, London
Aaisha Memon | Graphic Design 6
Crowd engagement - Exhibition, London