Aakruti Sarangdhar

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Aakruti Sarangdhar, also known as Akay is a Mumbai, India-born photographer who is currently pursuing her practice in London, UK. Akay shares a bird’s eye view revealing more of the detailed characteristics that construe her, such as liquidity, luminosity, consciousness, authenticity, romanticism and the idea that served to coalesce all that into one connected as whole. The realm of art is so filled with illusions and
imaginations that distinguishing what is genuine from what is not becomes a challenge. Either way, The purpose of the art that Aakruti creates is to promote self-love and awareness while blurring the line between illusion and reality, creating a fantasy of truth which embraces the power of authenticity. Akay makes it a point to look inside of herself and see outward through the eyes of her muse, both contributing seamlessly to the mood of her portraits and streaming a line of inquiry around consciousness. In her pursuit of practice, it is evident that she is a romantic, as well as empathetic, which manifests itself in her photographs whilst alluring her art with its romantic notion. Aakruti has always believed in broadening visual boundaries to her creative abilities, diving deep in her artistry, and cultivating the ability to convey a strong message through her art. A euphonic translation of voices from diverse muses,
she defines her photographs as seeing the unseen and letting that inform her artwork. She usually creates photographs using full-frame digital format of photography along with the use of multiple lenses and lights differently, challenging her visual output each time she photographs a story. In addition to publications in Times Life India, Midday print newspaper, TMMindia and PhotoVogue, Akay’s photographs have also
appeared in Selin Magazine, Mob journal, Horizont Magazine, Goji Magazine, the Portrait Project and Marika Magazine. Among her many accomplishments is working for elite cable channels like MTV and NDTV, as well as photographing many celebrities.

As we reach the golden light at the end of a tunnel, Aakruti envisions having to endlessly enkindle art that acts as a revelatory experience of getting harmonious with self whilst constantly perceiving this universe with a romantic notion.

You can check out some of her work at www.aakrutisarangdhar.com or you can find her on instagram, @akayy.in / https://www.instagram.com/akayy.in/?hl=en

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