Abbie Fallows

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester


The Isle of Sheppey is a 36 square-mile island on the North Coast of Kent,
encapsulated by reputations related to its poverty, depravity and a hot spot for cheap seaside caravan breaks. Amongst these stereotypes reflected in language from the main land such as “do you have webbed feet, swampy?”, is a truly unique location. Known for both its vast
stunning landscapes, and the supposed high crime rates in the streets. This photo-narrative aims to capture the many, truthful, layers of Sheppey, through the whimsical documentation of its land, and its people. It does so whilst reflecting on what an islander really thinks and feels about where they live, compared to what the outsiders say.

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Abbie Fallows | Photography 5
'A View over the Sheppey Bridges, The Swale.' Looking towards Sheppey, the point that separates us, the means of accessing the mainland.
Abbie Fallows | Photography 4
'A Lady in Red and her Collection.' Born and bred on Sheppey, Lin has pride in where she comes from, with the quotation: "I am an islander through and through and I wouldn't change that."
Abbie Fallows | Photography 3
'Bar, Sheerness.' An example of the "buzzing night and social life" of Sheppey, also a homage to its quirky exteriors and its authentic seaside heritage.
Abbie Fallows | Photography 2
'House on the Elmley Marshes.' Taken at sunrise, the landscape shows the magical beauty of the 180-degrees sky the flat island is engulfed by, the lonely house very much a metaphor.
Abbie Fallows | Photography 1
'A Man and His Dog'. Bob was a latecomer to the island, moving when he retired. He finds it beautiful, but he says: "I'm out on a limb."
Abbie Fallows | Photography
'British Flag on a Boat, Queenborough'. A nod to the predominant fishing community on the island, and perhaps a nod to its very quintessential British feel.