Adam Smyth

BA (Hons) Film & Digital Art


An experimental music video focusing on themes of escapism and identity through German Expressionist inspired visuals and stylised, techni-coloured lighting. The video depicts Electronic Rock artist Twin Mannequin as she performs her song Attagirl, with lyrical themes surrounding gender identity. Twin Mannequin encounters a dark and brooding alter-ego that is a physical manifestation of her inner-saboteur, and their evolving relationship is explored through exaggerated physical theatre and colour symbolism.

I am multimedia artist whose interests lie in experimental film and music video production. With a fine art background, I combined all of my interests into the making of this music video, recognisable through the hand-painted sets citing German Expressionism as one of my major visual influences. Distortions of perspective and angular shapes that lean and twist to create nightmarish forms inform the visuals, taking inspiration from art-house films such as The Cabinet of Dr. Calgari and 1977’s Suspiria, with vivid iconography and plots that revolve around emotional and psychological states.

Instagram: @lawlesscreenager

Contact: [email protected]


A word from the artist…

“Attagirl and the album containing it ‘Don’t Look Down’, are a deep and personal look into my transgender identity. Attagirl explores the origin of my transness, and the rejection of my sexuality and identity throughout my developing years, and how far I’ve come now in realising myself, “unravelling the thread” so-to-speak, and trying to piece together how the abuse I’ve suffered throughout my life has lead to me being who I am today. Through this song I ask myself whether these changes I’ve made to my life and body have brought me happiness. Or if they’ve dug me a hole I’ll never escape from – is this truly what I want or a perverted manifestation of my traumas and experiences?”

Instagram: @twinmannequin




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