Aditi Abraham

MA Textiles


Convertible illuminating garment – My story is about a girl who was raped as a teenager. She still has the memories that haunt her when she walks alone on the streets at night. The only ray of hope for her are the lights that she carries around with her everywhere. She is colorful and beautiful for the outside world but has a dark past on the inside. She is trying to make herself like ‘Kintsugi’ (The Japanese art of broken pottery) even after all the grief.

Belt – The belt makes an alarming noise and lights up when pressed a button which acts as a safety element that can be used commercially. On an industry level production the belt will also have a button which when pressed will send message to police, friends and family.

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Aditi Abraham | Textiles 4
Rape - A broken soul (Melancholy)..
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Final Textiles
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Final Convertible Garment
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Illuminated Garment - Smart Textiles
Aditi Abraham | Textiles
The Protection Belt