Aimen Tamboowala

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Imaging


My Project is a Rebranding strategy featuring a new logo and brand colour and developing a solid promotional strategy. To make my subject more relevant, I wanted to construct everything that would go into a whole new branding action. My promotional strategy included an optimised website, a company lookbook, social media and influencer marketing, a unique experience for its customers, and a well-planned campaign collaboration with a lookbook and press kit. My goals were to demonstrate a wide variety of my skill set. 

The website for Oshadi resulted in a combination of all the outcomes I intended to create. While my project expanded from my vision, I believe it provided me with a clear grasp of what I genuinely want to focus on. While critically examining my accomplishments, I realised that I am eager to improve my talents in the field of future trend forecasting. My study into design activism and the payment for workers in the supply chain for the campaign taught me a lot about trend forecasting. Seeing customer behaviour and recognising the need for the fashion industry to evolve, I am confident that my project will provide a very relevant subject matter.

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Aimen Tamboowala | Fashion 4
Rebranding and Communication For Oshaadi
Aimen Tamboowala | Fashion 3View pdf
Oshaadi- Business Proposal and Press Kit
Aimen Tamboowala | Fashion 2
Campaign - Oshaadi x Katharine Hamnett
Aimen Tamboowala | Fashion 1
Website Rebranding- Oshaadi
Aimen Tamboowala | Fashion
Oshaadi Lookbook