Aishat Bello

MA Visual Communication


When we think of migrants, the narrative usually comes with more negative undertones than positives, often perpetuated by the media and political rhetoric deeming migration problematic and using terms to criminalize and dismiss the human experience. In an article from the BBC, a study by the Migration Observatory at Oxford University examined 58,000 UK newspaper articles and found that “illegal” was used to describe immigrants.

Connect The Dots seeks to challenge this narrative by seeing the bigger picture of what it means to be a migrant from stories of people who have migrated for a better life.

It investigates the use of public spaces as a medium of storytelling.
Illustrated stories of everyday immigrants are dotted around the public area to engage and connect with people.

During the development of this project, I conducted interviews with people who wanted to share their stories and experiences as migrants.

The migrant experiences and how we familiarize ourselves with the unfamiliar are diverse and filled with challenges, some greater than others.

I am deeply grateful to the interviewees, trusting me and being vulnerable in sharing their experiences.

Connect The Dots illustrates these stories with words and drawings to humanize the migrant experience.


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Aishat Bello | Graphic Design 6
Mother has returned home.
Aishat Bello | Graphic Design 1View pdf
Connect The Dots
Aishat Bello | Graphic Design 5
I had to find my way back home.
Aishat Bello | Graphic Design 4
The moment I begin to settle, I would have to move again.
Aishat Bello | Graphic Design 3
My name, the way I dress, the language I speak, I am Italian enough.
Aishat Bello | Graphic Design 2
My Identity is not fixed.
Aishat Bello | Graphic Design
Connect The Dots_Stories of migrants