Alana Conlon

MA Digital Fashion


This collection explores the relationship between visual storytelling and design. The inspiration for this work has been taken from a body of research into Early Irish Myth and Sagas. The project is a reworking of the ‘Immram’ genre of stories, which typically depict a journey to the Celtic Otherworld; a series of paradise islands off the west coast of Ireland. Key figures from Irish culture; Banríon Medb, Mannanán Mac Lir and Danu have been reimagined in a contemporary style through the lens of digital medias.

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Alana Conlon | Fashion 4
Banríon Medb
Alana Conlon | Fashion 3
Alana Conlon | Fashion 2
Mannanán Mac Lir
Alana Conlon | Fashion 1
Alana Conlon | Fashion