Alex Rahneva

BA (Hons) Fashion Management & Marketing / BA/BSc Fashion Business & Management


Uknown [You: Known] is a VR therapy service in an app format.

Uknown helps SA* (sexual assault*) survivors who are uncomfortable attending face-to-face therapy by providing them with a virtual safe space and the ability to customize the controlled environment.

Found from the personal desire to carve a visible place for SA survivors, Uknown wants to create an open space to simply exist. “Uknown strives to be your first step towards a brighter future, one safe space at a time.”

How it works – Design your safe space via the Uknown app, then connect to a VR headset & enter the space (On your own OR have a voice-over session with therapists from home).

Function-wise, the app provides an accessible therapy space. Purpose-wise, Uknown is a tangible solution for an invisible epidemic; a safe harbour for the invalidated; an advocate for healing collective trauma.

“Uknown is your space: to take ownership of your comfort, to express your ‘nasty feelings’, to explore all types of grief.”

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Warning - this showcase contains explicit content such as scenes of a sexual or violent nature, nudity or features strong language, and is unsuitable for under 18's.