Alexander Johansoo

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


After hearing stories from my mother’s childhood and seeing the warmth of her smile and a bright spark in her eyes when she recalls them, it felt like she grew up in a totally different world. I wanted to portray her memories the way she recalls them, even if with time they became sugar-coated with sentimentality. In my concept designs and illustrations I tried to capture the joyful and naïve memories about growing up as a young girl in Soviet Latvia, the way my mother remembers them. My final illustration is called morning anticipation, and it captures a particular feeling that my mother vividly remembers to this day: ‘Every morning started the same way. I never liked breakfasts, but the anticipation of what the new day may bring kept me excited. Only recently I realised how important that morning ritual of sitting in the kitchen, thinking about what the new day may bring was. My thoughts were naïve and pure, but sadly, nowadays, I lost that feeling of excitement’

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Alexander Johansoo | Illustration 5
Morning anticipation
Alexander Johansoo | Illustration 4
Morning anticipation
Alexander Johansoo | Illustration 3
Character designs
Alexander Johansoo | Illustration 2
Latvian folk dress
Alexander Johansoo | Illustration 1
Be active!
Alexander Johansoo | Illustration
Mushroom hunting