Alexander Kennedy

BA (Hons) Games Arts


Expedition to the Edge is a hypothetical science-fiction survival game, set in a far-flung planet at the very edge of the known universe. This project is a collection of creature and environment concepts for the game.

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Alexander Kennedy | Games 6
Erebus-3 is a small, arid planet. Once a year, it crosses the gaseous edge barrier surrounding our universe to the unknown space on the other side.
Alexander Kennedy | Games 5
Alexander Kennedy | Games 4
The Anchor is a huge creature that floats above the surface, tethering itself to the ground with a strong trunk.
Alexander Kennedy | Games 3
Crossing the edge can reverse the magnetic polarity of some rocks on the surface of Erebus-3, causing them to float high in the sky as gargantuan mountains.
Alexander Kennedy | Games 2
The Glacial Desert is a cold, sandy expanse battered by wind. Mysterious magnetic forces drive ancient rocks across the dunes.
Alexander Kennedy | Games 1
Keelfish fly in vast schools of hundreds of thousands, using flashes of their bioluminescence to communicate with eachother.

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