Alice Biddle

Extended Diploma in Art & Design - Year 1 - Canterbury


Hello, my name is Alice and I’m an art student at UCA Canterbury. I’ve always had a love and admiration for animation since I was young so when faced with my final major project, I just had to do animation!

In my animation, ‘Quarantine Blues’, we follow one individual’s time during isolation. The animation delves into the repetitive nature and change of mood during my time in lockdown as I wanted to explore this feeling which we all mutually felt during this period.

I made my animation using digital and traditional means. I drew the images digitally, printed them off to trace with a lightbox using pencil and scanned them into a scanner. This process allowed me to have the drawn effect I wanted with my animation. Alongside my animation, I decided to use Mac DeMarco’s instrumental version of ‘My Kind of Woman’ as I felt it emphasised that feeling of loneliness which is what I wanted to achieve in my piece.

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Alice Biddle | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 1
Cover for Quarantine Blues
Alice Biddle | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
Cover for 'Quarantine Blues'