Alicja Siekierka

MA Graphic Design


My major project is on the topic of Endometriosis. This is a gynaecological condition for which there is no cure or treatment. 1 in 10 women in the UK are suspected to have this condition, yet diagnosis takes 7-8 years on average due to the lack of research. As someone who is in the process of being diagnosed, I believe not enough people are aware of this condition and would like to change this.

My objective for this project is to create an event for young people to learn about the condition. This project will also direct people to the resources they may need. I hope to do this via a brand ‘Big Sis’, the use of an event and gift pack with information leaflets and other goodies.

The Big Sis event will be organised in schools across England to teach about Endometriosis, as symptoms often start early on hence the 16/17-year-old audience. The event will include case studies, workshops and quizzes to keep it interesting and interactive for a young audience.

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Alicja Siekierka | Graphic Design 2
Big sis gift pack will contain information leaflets, notepads and period products. Mock up found on GraphicBurger website.
Alicja Siekierka | Graphic Design 1
Note pad from gift pack will enable user to note down symptoms, food intolerances and other details relevant to reduce time taken for diagnosis. Mock up found on freepik website
Alicja Siekierka | Graphic Design
Big sis event will be advertised in schools on the day. Mock up from mockups-design website