Alya Kautsaranti

BA (Hons) Film & Digital Art



Is an immersive installation about the act of exploring and navigating the emotions of oneself as they are battling and trying to befriend a traumatic moment of someone dear leaving.

There are a few elements in the installation, a 1 minute long animation being projected and mapped onto a fabric, 3 interactive paintings that could come alive with AR, and an old beaten suitcase in the middle of them all. Audience are allowed to walk around the installation and interact with the elements as they experience the work.

Instagram: alya.kautsaranti

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Alya Kautsaranti | Fine Art 4
'Downpour' Immersive Installation by Alya Kautsaranti
Alya Kautsaranti | Fine Art 5
'Downpour' Installation Video
Alya Kautsaranti | Fine Art 3
'Downpour' installation full view
Alya Kautsaranti | Fine Art 2
Projection mapping and suitcase
Alya Kautsaranti | Fine Art 1
One of the three interactive paintings
Alya Kautsaranti | Fine Art
Audience experiencing AR through their phone