Amber Hone

MA Visual Communication


‘Little Bear’ faces several common triggers of childhood anxiety. The first book; ‘Little Bear Starts School’ takes the child on a journey of different emotions. As he experiences different emotions such as worry, sadness and uncertainty, the colour of his belly changes to mirror that emotion. At the end of each short story, ‘Little Bear’ encourages the child to express how THEY are feeling through matching the coloured pouch to the relevant emotion on the crocheted bear. The hidden pouch feature on the back of each coloured belly allows the child to communicate how they are feeling with a parent/carer and physically add a written note to the Bear’s pouch. This creates a feeling of comfort and understanding; ‘Little Bear’ feels it too! This raises awareness of the severity of the child’s worries and allows the parent/carer to become more understanding about childhood anxiety and the common triggers.

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Amber Hone | Graphic Design 2
Amber Hone | Graphic Design 6
Amber Hone | Graphic Design 5
Amber Hone | Graphic Design 4
'Little Bear' with coloured pouches
Amber Hone | Graphic Design 3
Book mock-up
Amber Hone | Graphic Design 1