Amy Molineaux-Say

BA (Hons) Fashion Management & Marketing / BA/BSc Fashion Business & Management


My name is Amy and I am a final year Fashion Management & Marketing student at the UCA Epsom campus. For my Final Major Project, I created a new wellness brand with a range of services and products, designed to guide consumers to effectively begin or extend their personal wellbeing journeys.

Before starting this project, I knew straight away that I wanted to focus on the wellness industry as I have a personal interest in the health and wellbeing market, which led me to developing this further in my FMP. I had also noticed that the wellness and wellbeing market has grown exponentially over the last few years, especially due to the Covid – 19 pandemic and current world events, as consumers look for ways to disconnect from the stress of reality and turn to rituals and remedies to calm their mind, body and soul.

The brand I created is called Mora & Co., which is the Latin for ‘pause’ and translates to ‘to delay time,’ and that is exactly what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to create a business which filled a gap within the wellness market and put a unique spin on traditional services and products, which through primary research, I discovered are often expensive and inaccessible.

Mora & Co. allows consumers to connect with their inner self and make positive habits at an affordable price, which I felt made it a successful proposition within a crowded and occasionally, impersonal market.

Mora & Co. is a wellbeing brand which offers services at a studio space, located in Brighton, with trained individuals leading yoga and pilates classes. The brand also offers relaxation zones which are accessible free of charge, as well as overnight stays. Secondly, the brand will develop an app, which operates through a membership system, and finally Mora & Co. will have their own exclusive beauty range with a small selection of bath and body products.

“Encouraging individual growth through innovative, sustainable spaces and mindful technology, allowing consumers to design their own personal journey towards a healthier and happier life.”

I used a variety of design platforms within my project, such as Illustrator, to create templates for the beauty products, Photoshop to create an authentic marketing campaign and InDesign to present my report professionally.

After I graduate I hope to move into a career within trend forecasting or marketing and PR as I thoroughly enjoy researching into emerging lifestyle, fashion and beauty trends and using the information to forecast upcoming changes and developments within the industry.

I hope you like my work & thank you for reading!

Digital portfolio link:

Instagram: @amy.fashionmarketing

LinkedIn: Amy Molineaux – Say


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Amy Molineaux-Say | Business & Management 1
Visual imagery for Mora & Co.
Amy Molineaux-Say | Business & Management
Marketing imagery for the Mora & Co. social media campaign