Amy White

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester


The colour yellow in the everyday is an interesting sight, bringing brightness and joy to the mundane. When looking for the colour it
forces you look deeper into your surroundings, you notice things you may have never seen before.

To many the colour yellow is a positive and joyful colour, but did you know in France it is linked to ideas of betrayal and jealousy. Babies are more likely to cry in a room painted yellow than any other colour.

With this project Amy White seeks to explore the possibilities of the colour yellow and asks you to do the same in your everyday.

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Amy White | Photography 5
Amy White | Photography 4
Danger of Death
Amy White | Photography 3
I’ve finally decided my future lies Beyond the yellow brick road
Amy White | Photography 2
They paved paradise to put up a parking lot
Amy White | Photography
Cannon fire lingers in my mind, I’m so glad I’m still alive And I’ve been gone for such a long time From Yellow River
Amy White | Photography 1
Then the indian corner-shops yellow sign bursts through the grey like a shout of pure joy at its yellowness