Anda Albu

MA Ceramics


Clay gives me the opportunity to respond to that which is outside of myself and to explore a world where layers of matter and mind are in flux. The work that I make is the result of reaching out into this world and finding it porous, fluid and ever slowly changing.

Clay’s capacity to reflect back elusive emotions and ambiguous ideas has always captivated me.

In my current work I use a gradual mix of contrasting clays as a metaphor for change and transformation.

Nomadism is an installation of 200 ceramic elements gradually transiting from one type of clay to another in an exploration of the concept it is the journey that forms the nomad.

Strata: the geological image of strata is a reflection on our existence in layers. The title is borrowed from Deleuzian philosophy.


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Anda Albu Ceramics
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Nomadism – Anda Albu – University for the Creative Arts.
Anda Albu | Crafts
Strata - Anda Albu - University for the Creative Arts