Andrew Sviridov

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


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This is a collection of work I’ve made over the last and final year of my BA Illustration course. All coming from a wide variety of briefs and all very stylistically different from one another. A majority of my work focuses on people as the main subjects as it is a personal fascination of mine and one I intend to carry forward into my career.

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Andrew Sviridov | Illustration
The Model Maker, Mixed Media, 30x30cm
Andrew Sviridov | Illustration 4
MOET IMPERIAL, Mixed Media on board
Andrew Sviridov | Illustration 3
Methuselah, Graphite and Watercolour on paper, A3
Andrew Sviridov | Illustration 2
The Remedist, Mixed media and Digital, A3
Andrew Sviridov | Illustration 1
Portrait of a Crowd, Assembly of Mixed Media portraits, 80x206cm

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