Angeliki Blesiou

BA (Hons) Fashion Management & Marketing


Inspired by the future warriors, Gen Zs, and their fight towards a better world. I created an empowering upcycling service that aims to minimize waste. Environmental and societal waste.

Each year we produce billions of tons of waste. The environment is ready to collapse unless immediate action is taken. Young people are trying to change the world, transform it into a better place for them to live and for future generations to thrive. Therefore, my vision through the creation of Wasted Fantasy is to transform waste into our fantasy. So, I aspired to create an upcycling service for sportswear brands to creatively utilize their deadstock products instead of adding up to the scary waste.

On the other hand, 2020, was a cultural wake-up call, we witnessed dreadful events of violence and inequality. Young creators utilizing their skills and talents to express their feelings and opinions, while the rest of Gen Z shared their social and political views online. For me, this was a true inspiration. Young people need empowerment and support to continue their battle instead of society wasting their ideas and opinions. They are the ones that need to be heard, they are the future. So, at the Wasted Fantasy app, I designed there is a safe space for Gen Zs to attend talks and seminars to learn and share their opinions while young creators can exhibit their artworks for the world to see how they feel.

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Wasted Fantasy Logo with Strapline
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App Prototype
Angeliki Blesiou | Business & Management 7View pdf
Introduction to Wasted Fantasy Business Proposal
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Upcycled Collection
Angeliki Blesiou | Business & Management 3
Packaging; Upcycled Drawing String Bag
Angeliki Blesiou | Business & Management 2
Illustration for Wasted Fantasy Creative Content
Angeliki Blesiou | Business & Management 1
Creative Photography for Wasted Fantasy Imagery
Angeliki Blesiou | Business & Management