Anita Loh

BA (Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing


With every new environment, the sky always seems familiar yet foreign. The transient sense of belonging that each familiar sky provides is a product of my upbringing. An ephemeral life that matured under many horizons. This jewellery collection is a wearable metaphor: capturing the essence of the sky through enamel and continuous form. Utilising the translucence of enamel to convey my abstract interpretation, these pieces are the sky in a microcosm.


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Anita Loh | Crafts 5
Anita Loh | Crafts 4
Stormy Skies Neck Piece
Anita Loh | Crafts 3
Stormy Skies Neck Piece
Anita Loh | Crafts 2
Lilac Skies Earring
Anita Loh | Crafts 1
Sunset Ring
Anita Loh | Crafts
Lilac Ring