Anna Skorcikova

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Imaging


Bodiessance /ˈbɒdiz səns/ is an online platform dedicated to the celebration of the body. It is an intersectional safe space for artists to share their perceptions and relationship with the body and at the same time tries to challenge stereotypes and prejudices regarding body image. Bodiessance universe is a blend of an online magazine, a website and an online gallery, structured quarterly on different topics regarding the body.

I have always been driven and fascinated with the feminine body thematic. Possibly from my own experience growing up with body image anxiety, as I was surrounded by thin, white hourglass-shaped supermodels on covers. Being a creative in the industry now, I lacked a space where I could freely express my relationship with my body and perhaps, I could help someone with their body image struggles. I realised there is not a space that solely celebrates the body.

I learned how to code this year and wanted to challenge myself by publishing the platform online. After thorough brainstorming, I dedicated the first issue to my exploration of the body creating an outset of the triptych to set the tone of the platform.

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