Ansruta Krishnamurthy

MA Fashion Design


The name of the brand is AIK: LUXURY. The brand is very close to the owner because she dedicates and owes this brand to her mom, whose been an incredible part of her journey and has always had this wish and aim in life, whenever she will have her brand, she will have at least some aspect in her brand that is solely dedicated to her mom, so is this brand and the ‘I’ in her brand name is the initial of her mom.

The founder/designer has been passionately crafting great styles long before she decided to launch her brand in 2022. She prides herself on taking the time to understand her clients on a deeper level, using her intuition to connect with them and their unique styles. The designer is known for her aesthetically fresh style that adds a touch of wow to any wardrobe. She aims to craft pieces that will enhance client’s beauty and confidence, bringing out their best.

AIK: LUXURY was launched by Ansruta, a Mumbai-based Indian designer, in 2022, a women’s clothing brand, focusing on Generation Z and Millennials, that aims at creating silhouettes using sustainable and skin-friendly fabrics, structural, transformational, transitional, reversible and modular clothing details that portray bold, authoritative, and powerful appearance, giving a sense of confidence to the wearer, using empowering Feminism, using futuristic design details and methods. The brand’s key purpose is to create high-quality, sustainable pieces, keeping comfort, style, and convenience in mind, giving its client a sense of uniqueness with the use of digitalized bold prints, making use of sustainable fabrics that are long-lasting and durable, classy and elegant, adjustable, transformable and transitional silhouettes with minimalistic or zero waste production eventually leading to cost reduction.


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