Aryana Deen

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Epsom


The work I have selected for my showcase stems from the Image 2 platform. I have always had a passion for image-making and various illustrative techniques. This year the Image platform pushed me to create experimental and interesting pieces of work that I am excited to include in my portfolio. Some of the key pieces I am showcasing are from a brief that focused on narrative storytelling. Inspired by my own background, I chose to focus on the story ‘Sahiba and Mirza’. Our task was to fracture the original story to create our own versions. I experimented with mixed media in these pieces by combining digital drawing and collage. To complement and provide context for my work, I also shared a project journey detailing the project’s timeline. The PDF also contains a few other projects I have worked on this year. I hope you enjoy looking through my work! If you. did my Instagram handle is @ad_gdesign_

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Aryana Deen | Graphic Design 1
'Narrative Imagery' - Aryana Deen - UCA Epsom
Aryana Deen | Graphic DesignView pdf
(Year 3) Image Platform work
Aryana Deen | Graphic Design 4
'Narrative Imagery 1' - Aryana Deen - UCA Epsom
Aryana Deen | Graphic Design 3
'Narrative Imagery 2' - Aryana Deen - UCA Epsom
Aryana Deen | Graphic Design 2
'Narrative Imagery 3' - Aryana Deen - UCA Epsom