Audrey Davison

BA (Hons) Acting & Performance


As part of my final year at UCA, we had to do various recordings and live performances. This piece was filmed on campus and the monologue comes from the movie Five Feet Apart (2019) directed by Justin Baldoni

I had the opportunity to work with film director Christopher Nicholson who guided me through the short time frame we had to overcome this challenging piece of text I chose for this project.

This is one of my favourite outcomes from this year and I feel it showcases my acting well.

Besides this work, I have also been challenged greatly this year to create my own work and rehearse shows in a professional manner. I have learned a lot about myself as well as me as an actor, taking on new challenges with each role.

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Audrey Davison | Performing Arts 1
on set filming
Audrey Davison | Performing Arts
Five feet apart monologue filmed november 2022

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