Aurora Ulian

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Farnham


I am sound, I am a body and my presence resound in the space. My presence vibrates as each object: we produce noise. Performances are therefore the next step of the embracement of the body as a noise machine. “Movimento” require interaction. Interaction activates the real meaning of the object or subject as Merleau-Ponty mentioned, the body and what surround us is heard and enacted first. It emphasises noises already existing with the aim to separate the dependent link between the visible and the invisible, as the source and the sound. The need to rely the discovery of what surround us on other senses, emerges, as the sight fail once entered in the space. The expectation to observe with eyes is natural, as for hearing too, but has been forgotten, even though noise comes always first, as it comes from everywhere around us. A sound seems to be defined by the object but it is the noise that defines it, as immaterial and invisible. The installation needs a body (noise machine), as a participant, to activate it and unblock the sound in the object. Therefore, the importance of the moment to be live. My art is fragmented: as the sculpture is a separate artwork, and each interaction by the participants, and each time is presented is a new different artwork. “Movimento” is the situation created in which the audience become participants and they perceive, as part of the experience, it is the invisible, what is born from that specific situation. In my practice, documentation take a superficial role, as what you see it is nothing from being the artwork but just a picture of the space where it took place.

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Aurora Ulian | Fine Art
Aurora Ulian | Fine Art 1