Aviroop Roy

MA Games Design


The Void In Between is a third-person, New Weird, action-horror game.

Fight through purgatory as you uncover the secrets of a hellish landscape. Which by the looks of it is out to bend you towards depravity. 

You are an army veteran stuck in purgatory desperately trying to get out. You relive the horrors of your past and make your way through the never-ending labyrinth, where the habitat itself is trying to hinder your progress almost as if it has a mind of its own. Luckily, you have a comrade by your side providing your company in the vast emptiness. But your comrade is not how you remember him, things have changed.

​A Game By: 
Bhuvanesh Tekavade (bhuvyrecords.com)
Aviroop Roy (avirooproy.com)
Kunal Handa (kunalhanda.com)
Vinay Kumar Sharma (iamvinay.net)

In Collaboration With: 
Nishant Bhokare – MA Product Design (noirbase.com)
Sana Kalhon – MA Screen Acting (@sanakahlon6)

Voiced By:
Jayson Baird – [email protected]

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