Bear Qin

MA Product Design


Each brick of the product represents a year in life. It is a visualised progress of life. Each birthday in our life, the user will remove one brick from the holder.
Each brick is a tombstone of the time of the past year. The reducing bricks remind us of the truth of our short life, and the number of left bricks is a count down of the inevitable death.

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Life is a pathway to inevitable Death
Bear Qin | Product Design 4
With our age growing, the bricks became less and less. It is an experience of facing death daily and pushing the user to consider their life.
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The start of the life, all bricks are waiting to be removed.
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Bear Qin | Product Design
When the user removed all the bricks, the user might still be alive. In this case, they know they have lived longer than average. Each day is a bonus.