Becky Lloyd

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice - Farnham


The truth behind the trend:

This project was inspired by the rising trend of cows and cow print within fashion. The use of cows in different industries is detrimental to this as followers of the trends don’t realise the true impact of their life choices and the truth behind the trend they are following. I was curious to see how they’re treated away from trend followers buying into cow print and bring an insight into the fashion industry and teaching an audience what is truly happening to cows.

I began this process by investigating facts in relation to the dairy and meat industry and the treatment of these inquisitive creatures. I then went to a local dairy farm and took some images which I worked from, with both paintings and slowly taught myself embroidery. I wanted to do embroidery within this project as I wanted to learn a new skill as well as creating detailed, textured pieces. I also wanted supporting imagery using both words and images to hint at political messaging and previous artists campaigns.

My final piece is a tapestry depicting three different stories. The first is a pregnant mother cow, the next shows her and the calf crying as a large omnipotent hand taking her baby away. The second shows Queenie the cow in a cattle market where she was sold to a slaughterhouse, the next scene shows her running for her life where she was later rescued by The Farm Sanctuary. The final story shows that today we use 4 times as much milk as people consumed in the 1950s, hence the milk bottle compared to the large milk cartons. This idea is also carried through my word and image work.

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Becky Lloyd | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 1
Becky Lloyd | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 5
Today we drink 4 times as much milk as people did in 1950 meaning the demand on cows is even harsher. Cows produce milk for the same reason that humans do, to nourish their young, and so they go through severe trauma when their young are snatched away from them and they continue to be pumped for their milk.
Becky Lloyd | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 4
The final outcome of my project.
Becky Lloyd | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 3
A mother and calf crying as he is snatched away by an omnipotent hand. Male calves are by products of the dairy industry as they can't produce milk, they are either sold for veal or culled.
Becky Lloyd | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 2
An embroidery piece based on the calf from the dairy farm.
Becky Lloyd | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
An acrylic painting depicting a calf from a local dairy farm.