Ben Couzens

MA Illustration


I make Animated films, Books, Puppets, models, wooden bowls and fiddle toys for people with anxiety. I also make a mess but often clean it up afterwards.

This showcase offers a cross section of my work including an animated work showreel to the tune of 8bit moonlight sonata (very classy).

It also contains extracts of my most recent illustrated novella about an accidental murder and the coming of a new donut messiah (not very classy). The book tackles hard hitting topics such as “Should I mangle these pastries on the shelf of this petrol garage shop with my finger?” and “Is bubble bath foam just forbidden tiramisu?”.

Much like the rest of my work it then proceeds to answer none of them.

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Ben Couzens | Illustration 7
Ben Couzens | Illustration 6
Animation Work Showreel
Ben Couzens | Illustration 5View pdf
Extract from 'Put to Dust'. An Illustrated novella.
Ben Couzens | Illustration 4
Ben Couzens | Illustration 3
Ben Couzens | Illustration 2
Ben Couzens | Illustration 1
Ben Couzens | Illustration

Warning - this showcase contains explicit content such as scenes of a sexual or violent nature, nudity or features strong language, and is unsuitable for under 18's.