Bethany Collins

BA (Hons) Textile Design


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Instagram: bethanycollinsdesign

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This project focuses on personal experiences of mental illness and investigates how elements of the natural world, such as tree roots, relate to the mentally ill brain.

Calming nature imagery, depicted through an abstract and textural style, has been juxtaposed with a chaotic composition to explore the different emotions and behaviours resulting from having a mental illness.

The work encourages you to look deeper than the surface and to appreciate things for more than how they look.

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Bethany Collins | Textiles 4
The Anxious Brain
Bethany Collins | Textiles 5
Finding the light within Anxiety and Depression
Bethany Collins | Textiles 3
The Subtle Depth of Depression
Bethany Collins | Textiles 2
The Chaotic Brain
Bethany Collins | Textiles 1
The Overstimulated brain
Bethany Collins | Textiles
Calm within the Chaos

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