Betty Onion

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


‘Signs of the Times’ is an archival document which aims to capture a unique time in history through illustration and words. The piece looks specifically at the ways in which the world has changed during the pandemic, through combining imagery and lettering.

The Pandemic High Street combines elements of reportage and signage, coming together in a piece that visually explains ways in which day to day life has changed. The format of the book aims to portray a sense of continuity and busyness, in a way that is clearly not what it used to be.

The ‘New Normal Alphabet’ is a more in depth look at 26 words that once had little meaning but have now become part of daily life. Its purpose is to serve as a reminder of the hard times that we have lived through and ways in which life changed.

Finally, the poster explores using typography in an illustrative sense, in this instance personifying the word to resemble people queuing outside a supermarket.

The box format was carefully considered to act as an archival piece; holding together the three documents, enabling for a selection of outcomes which work as individual pieces and also come together successfully, complimenting each other.


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Betty Onion | Illustration 6
Mockup of Final outcomes for 'Signs of the Times'
Betty Onion | IllustrationView pdf
'The New Normal Alphabet' . A book documenting 26 ways in which the world has changed as a result of the pandemic.
Betty Onion | Illustration 5
2020 Trip to the supermarket, part 1.
Betty Onion | Illustration 4
2020 Trip to the supermarket, part 2.
Betty Onion | Illustration 3
2020 Trip to the supermarket, part 3.
Betty Onion | Illustration 2
The Pandemic High Syreet
Betty Onion | Illustration 1
Components of the final outcome.