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For one of my project briefs, I decided to make a catalog of all Harry Potter covers that exits (including unauthorized versions). This catalog is a proposal for a 7 volume book series and will be a collectors guide but in a realistic and achievable way.

But this guide is not your regular guidebook. This is not a step-by-step guide telling you which book to buy and which to wait for one. This is also not a book just listing all the prices or sources to buy a book. This guide will be more like a planner for the collectors. Have you ever planned your day? Made a list of tasks then arranged them according to time consumption, importance, urgency, completion rate, and came up with a list to know what you have to do at what time of the day to finish all of your daily tasks. This guide will do just that. 

My objective is to divide these covers not just based on countries and translations or editions but to further divide them by finances, availability, difficulty, etc and create a list for collectors so the collectors, based on their own resources, can plan a realistically achievable journey for themselves to collect all HP covers.

For example, the first book will consist of 10 chapters. One of the chapters is part of the big six. You would not think that the first volume itself will have one of the toughest books to procure listed in them. This is done not for them to get it right away, but they can start keeping a lookout for it, as they are not easily available and if they do come back on market they are also taken up pretty quick. Another chapter would be the very first book which is the originals: The UK and USA editions. This chapter gives multiple goals to collectors, first is to collect the most common HP covers out there in the market which are easily available and affordable but also informs them that today one of the most expensive covers out there would also be the originals. Specifically, the very first published a print edition of these books, and even more so if they turned out to be signed by JK Rowling herself.

A different chapter would be the ‘never-seen’: HP book covers you might have never known even exist. For eg, the ‘Occitan covers’, or the many others from various countries you didn’t even know might have been published. Another example would be the ‘unheard’: Did you know there is a Harry Potter book cover out there where Harry is wearing a wizarding hat but the hat is in the shape of a fedora instead of the regular sorting hat or that there is another cover out there where his hat is actually a rat head? Or that there are covers with JK Rowling’s full name on them? Now, these covers are not that expensive but are almost impossible to get your hands on. And likewise, there will be a set of 7 books each having short-term book goals, long-term book goals, and current book aspirations.


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Disclaimer: All images (HP covers) in this book belong to their original publishers/artists. This book is not meant for commercial use but just for educational purpose.

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