Bianca Rodrigues

MA Fashion Design


Having previously studied my BA in Fashion Textiles Print,  I decided to continue my journey with UCA by applying to MA Fashion Design to further my education into fashion and branding. Over the last year I have been able to apply my practical skills of print design , digital skills and pattern cutting into designing a collection alongide starting up my own Menswear streetwear brand.

B.Rodrigues was created in hopes of producing a new identity within menswear fashion. We aim to show appreciation of the Mughal empire and their introduction to mughal art and  design throughout parts of India and the Middle east by merging Mughal design concepts , with western streetwear trends combined.

Our brand, designs each collection with the intent to educate and portray a sense of identity within our garment range. We aim to be conscious of our waste produced from garment manufacturing we can ensure our customers that we  aim to reuse as much of our waste fabric back into our  designs as we can , as well as using quality materials to ensure long lasting garments.

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Bianca Rodrigues | Fashion 1
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View a few pages from my collection research here !
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Bianca Rodrigues | Fashion