Boróka Bán

Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)


The Via Jarman pilgrimage which is around a 63 kilometres long path across Romney Marsh. Three church ruins and two sound mirror sites are used to they help the pilgrims to immerse themselves in certain stages of the journey.

The pilgrimage starts from the Garden of Derek Jarman and the whole journey is a tribute to him. He moved to the Dungeness  after he got diagnosed with HIV and started  to cultivate the  garden which was  his escape from his worsening disease. It was his personal sanctuary.

As I see it, the whole pilgrimage becomes  the sanctuary for those who start the journey so the architecture of the pilgrimage is somehow the architecture of processing.

The other important aspect of the project is the symbolic power of objects.  The act of collecting, leaving behind, sharing and archiving objets became more and more emphasised and they way of making the whole journey tangible.

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Boróka Bán | Architecture 5
Stages of Via Jarman
Boróka Bán | Architecture 4
Stage I - isolating
Boróka Bán | Architecture 3
Stage II - creating
Boróka Bán | Architecture 2
Stage III - sharing
Boróka Bán | Architecture 1
Stage IV - archiving
Boróka Bán | Architecture
Stage V - reflecting