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MA Design Innovation & Brand Management


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As the global hype on AI technology persists, familiarising ourselves with it is beneficial to how we can use it in our work and boost some aspects of novelty or creativity.

By having continuous curiosity regarding Generative Artificial
Intelligence, I decided to develop a practical work by developing a short Brand Advertising Video using the most marketable Generative AI applications such as ChatGPT (Scriptwriting), Soundraw (Background Music simulation) and Pictory (Licensed Stock Video and Video Editing). Personally, I have no professional experience in creating a commercial script, advertising background music, and video production. It was a very interesting journey to test if I could succeed if I were to develop my future content in the branding field.

The result was a complete video with my authentic voice. I have experimented with my cloned voice. However, it seems not feasible for advertising use. Therefore, my voice is preferred. So far, this example of a brand video has been an excellent idea as a mood board. Further detail of the video could be developed with clarity of brand message or identity.

I learnt that self-learning had taken me to different levels of skill exploration. and Gen AI can help me explore great things in the process.


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Bounpasid Oupathana | Business & Management
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Bounpasid Oupathana | Business & Management 1
A Short Personal Brand Video by AI Softwares and a owner voice.

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