Bowen Zheng

MA Visual Communication


Through this project, we explore the topic of “self-expression and understanding” with the audience. Sometimes, only you know what you want to express and others may not understand. In this situation, do you still choose to express yourself and why? The process of self-expression is in itself a form of reflection and growth, which allows us to re-examine ourselves. By focusing too much on being understood for others, the meaning of expression will be lost. The purpose of this project is also to encourage those who refuse to express themselves because they are not being understood, that the process is already rewarding and not overly concerned with the outcome. Through programming, characters are transformed into music and then the sounds are visualized to form abstract patterns. This new language is unique and belongs to everyone. Only the person who expresses it is aware of the content, others will see abstract words to their eyes and hear random music. Returning to the question at the beginning, how do you understand “self-expression and understanding”? Different people will have different answers and considerations.

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