Bradley Thomas

MA Screen Acting & Performance


Here’s my Acting Showreel showcasing some of my performances during the course.

Loop Pool – an interactive time loop film that I started to develop on the digital performer module. Where the audience would guide Jack’s choices, uncovering more about the characters to find the truth and escape the loop. I hope to develop this story further one day.

Adrenaline – Based on Birdman by Alejandro G. Iñárritu comes this short scene that’s centred around a love triangle. For the screen acting module, we had to adapt a scripted scene to form our own short story.

Those We Left Behind – Also, on the screen acting module. We had to improvise a short scene with the characters we created through a hot-seating interview task. Which we then scripted to form a short film. This created a story about loss and grief. How losing someone affects the people left behind.

Dear, Future Me – This is my final major project and is the biggest short film I made. It involves a student photographer called Clive who meets his future selves. Discovering more about himself and the different person he could be. Where I play all versions of Clive which was quite a challenge.

The Last Trip – Finally, I didn’t just act in short films for my course. I also collaborated with other students, including Sudrak Kar from the MA Animation course. Who created this brilliant rotoscope animated experimental short film. About an old man who relives his memories from a spoiled photograph. I portray the old man throughout his life.

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Bradley Thomas | Performing Arts 1
A collage of my performances
Bradley Thomas | Performing Arts
Bradley Nathaniel-Thomas Acting Showreel 2022