Camille Barnett

BA (Hons) Textile Design / BA (Hons) Textiles for Fashion & Interiors


The Change from Within, Camille Barnett

On a recent trip to Barcelona, I took lots of primary research images of texture especially in architecture. Studying my images, I looked at ways that I could take inspiration from the surface textures of buildings and replicating it in a way that I could then incorporate into my textile print samples, my project was called ‘Texture in Architecture’. I worked with hot glue and created a flat pattern that I could then screen print with onto fabrics that I had hand dyed myself. It was important to me that I could create as many physical prints as possible in my first project as I knew I had an operation coming up. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis in 2017, my spine was twisted and curved at a 40° angle. I was waiting for a spinal fusion operation which was due at the start of 2020, however due to the pandemic, my operation was cancelled three times. I was given a date at the start of February 2022, I took the date, but I knew it would have an effect on my physical ability to create prints. I knew at the start of my final project in third year that I wanted to take inspiration from my previous print project, as well as from my spinal fusion surgery. My project is called ‘The Change from Within’. The surgery went very well; I was in theatre for six hours, I spent the first two days in a High Dependency ward and was in hospital for a week. My recovery has gone incredibly well so far but myself and my tutors were sceptical to put pressure on me creating any physical work, so I have chosen to only create digital prints. I went back to the idea of texture and patterns, thinking of how I could create prints with this in mind but in a digital way and while adding a personal twist to my theme and I’m taking inspiration from myself! I looked at the images of my X-rays and MRI scans throughout my scoliosis journey and created patterns from these pictures.

I enhanced the colour scheme from my last print project, keeping some muted tones but adding vibrant pops of colour and took new inspiration from the Dior Men, Spring 2022 Menswear collection. I wanted to be influenced by a stereotypically ‘feminine’ colour palette which was shown on garments for men, I chose fashion as the context for my print and wanted it to have a gender-neutral colour scheme and pattern so it can be worn by all genders.

During many parts of my time on this course I have had to adapt my work style by creating digital prints. Due to lockdowns and my operation, I improved my digital print skills and my love for it grew. My passion for digital print has also taken me to apply for a Master’s Degree in Digital Fashion at UCA in Epsom, which I will be starting in September.

Instagram: @camillebarnettdesign

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Camille Barnett | Textiles 5
I displayed my digital print onto a gender- neutral model from a Louis Vuitton collection, I wanted to have a gender fluid colour scheme and pattern to show that fashion is for everyone. My print reflects my personal journey as I had spinal fusion surgery to correct scoliosis, I was inspired by shapes and patterns found in my X-rays.
Camille Barnett | Textiles 4View pdf
Refined PowerPoint of my development throughout this project.
Camille Barnett | Textiles 3
My screen-printed sample, hand dyed cloth and dyes, created during my first project of 3rd year. Inspired by texture in architecture, I used hot glue to create my pattern.
Camille Barnett | Textiles 2
These images are two X-ray scans of my spine, the first is my curved spine at a 40 degree angle and the second is of my spine post-surgery with fused vertebrae.
Camille Barnett | Textiles 1
I took colour inspiration from the Dior Men, Spring 2022 Menswear collection to achieve a gender fluid colour scheme. My fashion context is inspired by gender- neutral garments.
Camille Barnett | Textiles
This pattern is my final outcome for this project, I have created a digital print based off inspiration from my spinal fusion surgery. This print is available for all genders.