Castiel Sanderson

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice - Canterbury


instagram: GarfScran

my personal email: [email protected]

I created costume for the musical hair, which is about hippies, I did this by upcycling and using fabrics that were going to go in the bin otherwise. I also edited a video shoot I did, putting audio from the musical in it too. I also made a giant patchwork American flag. Before this project I had never worked with editing software before, so putting together the video and cutting audio were completely new to me. I had also never used a sewing machine before the start of this foundation year. I created the outfit that the girl in the eagle pose photo is wearing.

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Castiel Sanderson | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 1
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Eagle pose in my tassel jacket
Castiel Sanderson | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
eagle pose

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