Chace Zhu

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Farnham


Over the last hundred years, Farnham has been successfully transformed from a primary to a tertiary setcor of industry, but both handicrafts and agriculture have left an indelible mark on the town, and have made the town active and resilient over years. Now in modern Farnham, it should better respond to the zeitgesit of sustainability while revivaling communty. And my project are aimming to intertwin the indivitual creativity and refurniturement, reduce the waste of furniture raw materials, also provide incubator for local creative and enterprising artists.

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chace Zhu | Interior Design
Overall deisign in bird-eye
chace Zhu | Interior Design 5
Overall deisign axonometric drawing
chace Zhu | Interior Design 4
Front yard entrance design
chace Zhu | Interior Design 3
Overall rendered bird-eye view
chace Zhu | Interior Design 2
Front yard entrance design
chace Zhu | Interior Design 1
Exhibition area