Chang Liu

MA Graphic Design


This is a book about Alzheimer’s disease. It tells the story that family has a great influence on Alzheimer’s patients. The story is about my grandmother, who had severe Alzheimer’s disease.

Two years ago, my grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and the disease developed very quickly in two years, so I have to spend more time with my family to research and help my grandmother. Therefore, I wanted to record the research process in an artistic way through this project opportunity and hope that it can help more Alzheimer’s disease patients.

According to my research on Alzheimer’s, the disease can completely change a person, and the behaviours associated with the disease can leave family members feeling helpless and alienated, especially if not treated effectively. It is the patients who are beginning to forget, but it is the family members who bear the heavy burden. Families who don’t know about Alzheimer’s begin to feel alienated and overwhelmed, while the disease worsens.

So, The story of this book is about how the attitudes of family members influenced my grandmother. The book is also written for families with Alzheimer’s disease. Through my story, I tell them how important family companionship and care is for people with Alzheimer’s disease.


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