Charlie Smith

BA (Hons) Advertising


This is a little look at some of the madness I have created this year. I am a solo creative with a passion for digital, social and experiential advertising. I can’t wait to get into the industry and really show off my creativity.

If you would like to see more of the madness I create please have a look at my website at:

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Thank you and I hope you enjoy looking at my work.

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Charlie Smith | Advertising 5
As a creative I have lots of creative ideas and one of the things that powers my creative energy is my love for RedBull. I will never make it on to their Pro athlete series cans so i thought i would make myself a pro creative.
Charlie Smith | Advertising 4
Brief: The pandemic has highlighted the need for reliable worldwide delivery services for businesses and consumers. How can DHL stand out from the competition? ​ Insight: DHL is the leading logistics and courier provider worldwide, trusted with some of the largest logistical challenges. ​ Solution: This campaign is a B2B campaign to attract new customers to trust DHL as their logistics and courier service. We will use examples of DHL going above and beyond to deliver excellence.
Charlie Smith | Advertising 3
Problem: There is a shift in the car market, with all cars in the UK having to be electric by 2035. Help to advertise Honda’s first fully electric car. ​ Insight: The Honda E is the brand’s first fully electric car and shows the brand's commitment to the future. ​ Solution: To advertise the Honda E as the ultimate city car. Focussing on the qualities that make it a great city car.
Charlie Smith | Advertising 2
The aim of this brief is to reduce the amount of plastic pollution left in ski resorts. This machine will take plastic pollution in return for free ski lift rides.
Charlie Smith | Advertising 1
Everyone has an excuse why they can't work out; they don't have the time, busy with work or that they aren't comfortable in the gym. Peloton solves these problems with the ability to work out at a time that fits around your life. When you work out at home gymtimidation is no longer a problem. This campaign is about encouraging people to join the Peloton community and work out from the comfort of their own home with confidence.
Charlie Smith | Advertising
Problem: The UK produces too much food waste. How can Gousto help to reduce the amount of food waste? ​ Solution: Gousto’s boxes with their precise portions help tackle the problem of food waste because they provide the correct amount of ingredients. ​ Idea: We will have a food truck outside supermarkets to serve food made out of common leftovers. Customers will be given a recipe card so they can recreate the dish at home. We will support the food truck with an Instagram campaign letting people know where the food truck is. On Instagram celebrity chefs will share their favourite leftover recipes and we will encourage Gousto customers to do the same. Gousto will also have a Youtube channel showing our favourite leftover tips and tricks. Finally we will partner with End Hunger UK in order to provide free food boxes to people that are currently living in food poverty.